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About Pink Giraffe

In July 2007 I created Pink Giraffe Photography. After graduating university and becoming disillusioned with the graduate jobs available, I decided I liked the idea of working for myself.

I was extremely lucky to be able to attend a business start-up course at Wirralbiz. The skills they taught me have been paramount to making my business a success. I also received funding from The Prince’s Trust to start my business. I know that without these two companies my business would not have lasted the first year.

I used to photograph events all over the country, specialising in anything alternative such as Pagan gatherings, biker rallies, tattoo festivals and even a faery festival. I enjoyed the work so much, I couldn’t really call it a job. Even with all the hard work involved, it was just so much fun!

In 2008 I became ill and my GP suspected I had MS. He sent me for an MRI, but before I got the results I fell pregnant. This meant I had to radically change my business as I would no longer be able to go out photographing events. While pregnant and on bed rest, I set about changing my photography business to an online shop. This meant that I could work from home and not have to worry about meetings or being well enough to attend events. In 2009 the MS was confirmed and the following year I was told my disease was progressive.

This did nothing to deter me from continuing with my plans. Once my son was born I was appalled at the lack of funky baby clothes. The high street shops only seem to sell pink, blue or beige. So I started dyeing baby vests and sleepsuits in bright rainbow colours. People would often comment on how cool my son looked and so I started selling the baby clothes in my online shop.

Our family now lives in North Lincolnshire and Pink Giraffe has continued to grow each year. I am now designing and creating hand-made cloaks, costumes, faery wear and pole dance outfits.

It is sometimes hard because of my disability. I don’t like resting much because there is so much to do, but my husband keeps me in check and ensures I rest enough to carry on again the next day. I still love what I do and I am as passionate about Pink Giraffe as I was when I first started it.